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History of the laboratory: Memories

Annual barbecues, lab group pictures, Christmas dinners, meeting memories. A bit of nostalgy doesn’t hurt!


Annual lab BBQ, June 2017

(in the front: Chloé Nobis, Anna Koshy, Tara Delorme; in the back: Laura Kervezee, Nicolas Cermakian)

Sugar shack of the Boivin and Cermakian labs, April 2017

(from left to right: Laura Kervezee, Fernando Gonzales, Anna Koshy, Philippe Boudreau, Geneviève Dubeau Laramée, Chloé Nobis, Nicolas Cermakian, Alexandre Gervais, Johanne Gauthier, Diane Boivin)

Annual lab BBQ, June 2016

(left to right: Chloé Nobis, Steve Dagenais Bellefeuille, Nicolas Cermakian, Lois Yoo, Anna Koshy; in the front: Romane Cermakian)

SRBR meeting, May 2016

(left to right: Nicolas Cermakian, Chloé Nobis, Marc Cuesta, Silke Kiessling)

Annual lab BBQ, August 2015

(at the table, from left to right: Joy Tseng, Anna Koshy, Julia Segal, Chloé Nobis, Hessey Ohm, Geneviève Dubeau Laramée; at the back: Nicolas Cermakian)

The lab in May 2015

(back row, left to right: Joy Tseng, Silke Kiessling, Geneviève Dubeau Laramée,Marc Cuesta; front row, left to right: Anna Koshy, Julia Segal, Nicolas Cermakian, Hessey Ohm, Chloé Nobis)

The lab in October 2014

(from left to right: Chloé Nobis, Marc Cuesta, Nicolas Cermakian, ,  Geneviève Dubeau Laramée, Silke Kiessling)

Yellowstone, June 2014 

During the 2014 SRBR meeting, Big Sky (MO) (from left to right: Nicolas Cermakian, Marc Cuesta, Diane Boivin, Devraj Singh, Silke Kiessling)

Sugar shack of the Boivin and Cermakian labs, April 2014

(in the front: Sabrina Addidou-Kalucki, Devraj Singh, Geneviève Dubeau Laramée, Diane Boivin, Katarina Stojkovic, Ali Shahidi Zandi, Philippe Boudreau; in the back: Nicolas Cermakian, Marc Cuesta , Johanne Gauthier)

The lab in January 2014

(from left to right: Silke Kiessling, Marc Cuesta, Devraj Singh, Katarina Stojkovic, Sabrina Addidou Kalucki, Geneviève Dubeau Laramée, Nicolas Cermakian, Annie Li)

Conference of the Canadian Society for Chronobiology, May 2013 

Presentation of trainee merit awards (Erin Fortier, 2nd from left; Marc Cuesta, 3rd from left; Nicolas Cermakian, 1st from right) [photo © P. Podobed]

The lab in May 2013

(from left to right: Nicolas Cermakian, Marc Cuesta, Lou Beaulieu-Laroche, Erin Fortier, Silke Kiessling, Katarina Stojkovic, Vanessa Chan)

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