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History of the laboratory: Memories

Annual barbecues, lab group pictures, Christmas dinners, meeting memories. A bit of nostalgy doesn’t hurt!


Christmas dinner, December 2012

(from left to right: Vera Nezgovorova, Josée Frappier, Erin Fortier, Marc Cuesta, Silke Kiessling, Katarina Stojkovic, Nicolas Cermakian, Diane Boivin)

Annual lab BBQ, August 2012

(from left to right: Romane Cermakian, Nicolas Cermakian, Shalon Liu, Erin Fortier, Helen Zhang, Sharon Wang, Josée Frappier, Katarina Stojkovic, Silke Kiessling, Florine Cermakian)

The lab in May 2012

(in the back: Josée Frappier, Katarina Stojkovic, Erin Fortier, Marc Cuesta; in the front: Helen Zhang, Sharon Wang, Shalon Liu, Nicolas Cermakian)

Final banquet of the SRBR meeting, May 2012

The Douglas delegation (in the back: Adrienne Chu, Ian Blum, Katarina Stojkovic, Nicolas Cermakian; in the front: Florian Storch, Diane Boivin, Marc Cuesta, Erin Fortier)

Sugar shack of the Boivin and Cermakian labs, April 2012

(back: Diane Boivin, Johanne Gauthier; 2è rangée: Nicolas Cermakian, Josée Frappier, Philippe Boudreau; front: Marc Cuesta, Erin Fortier, Shalon Liu, Katarina Stojkovic, Wei-Hsien Yeh)

Christmas of the Boivin and Cermakian labs, December 2011

(from left to right: Wei-Hsien Yeh, Shalon Liu, Marc Cuesta, Philippe Boudreau, Johanne Gauthier, Diane Boivin, Nicolas Cermakian, Katarina Stojkovic, Erin Fortier)

Annual lab retreat, November 2009

(from left to right: Sonia Jego, Aude Villemain, David Duguay, Julie Rooney, Erin Fortier, Adrienne Chu (front), Florian Storch (back), Susan Westfall, Nicolas Cermakian)

Annual lab BBQ, June 2011

(in the back: Debbie Wang, Rachel Morin, Erin Fortier, Shalon Liu, Nicolas Cermakian, Devraj Singh; in the front: Jessica Thouin, Susan Westfall, Adeline Rachalski, Katarina Stojkovic)

Annual lab BBQ, June 2010

(in the back: David Duguay, Cameron McPherson; centre row: Kirsten Humbert, Romane Cermakian, Nicolas Cermakian, Erin Fortier, Adeline Rachalski, Sonia Jego, Erika Bélanger-Nelson; in the front: Florine Cermakian)

Annual lab BBQ, June 2009

(front row: Kirsten Humbert, Erika Bélanger-Nelson, Florine Cermakian, Aude Villemain; standing up, from left to right: Alejandro Flores Maso, Richard Dunbar-Yaffe, Susan Westfall, Erin Fortier, Chanel Bélanger, David Duguay; in the tree: Nicolas Cermakian)

Christmas dinner, December 2008

(from left to right: Jean-François Poirier-Héon, Chanel Bélanger, Aude Villemain, David Duguay, Kirsten Humbert, Erika Belanger-Nelson, Nicolas Cermakian, Erin Fortier)

Annual lab BBQ, June 2008

(sitting, from left to right: Chanel Bélanger, Aude Villemain, Florine Cermakian, Erika Belanger-Nelson; standing up, from left to right: Nicolas Cermakian, David Duguay, Jean-François Poirier-Héon, Niki Mainguy (Val's son), Valérie Mongrain, Erin Fortier, Kirsten Humbert)

Annual lab retreat, June 2008

(from left to right: Erin Fortier, David Duguay, Nicolas Cermakian, Jean-François Poirier-Héon, Erika Belanger-Nelson, Valérie Mongrain, Aude Villemain, Chanel Bélanger, Kirsten Humbert)

Mini-golf at the SRBR meeting, Sandestin (FL), June 2008

(back row, from left to right in the back, the 1st is Nicolas Cermakian, the 4th, David Duguay; first row: Erin Fortier, Valérie Mongrain.)

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